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Pittsfield Youth Workshop's Youth Board

During the Summer 2003, PYW began a Youth Board.  After an informational meeting in June, in July 2003 two adults and three youth attended a three day “Youth-Adult Partnerships” Conference held by UNH Cooperative Extension Youth Development and the National 4-H Council.  These youth returned to PYW and helped train a group of eight youth, forming the PYW Youth Board. Youth officers have been elected and two youth have sat on the PYW Board of Directors since September. 


Tuesday June 2, 2008 4:30 at PYW

(meetings held at 4:30 PM on the first Tuesday of each month)


Call Zach or Paula for details 435-8272




Savannah Martineau


Vice President

Stephanie Baburins






Tiffany Summerford



The Youth Board has a three part mission: 

1) To give the youth a voice in the programs offered by PYW;

2) To improve the image of PYW and youth in general to the community; and

3) Fundraising.