Teen Mentor Project

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

~ Mahatma Gandhi



The Pittsfield Teen Mentor Project involves high-school students as mentors and 5th-8th grade students as their “apprentices.”  The overarching goal of the program is to strengthen resiliency in youth whose life circumstances place them at risk for negative life outcomes.  This is achieved by promoting healthy peer relationships, positive community involvement, and building strong mentor relationships.  Based on Stanley Coopersmith’s work on strengthening resiliency in youth, the program seeks to foster the development of these four ideals


Sense of Belonging


Compassionate Generosity




Mastery of Skills


Each year an advisory council composed of both youth and adults from the community is convened to help oversee the project and assist with participant recruitment, community support and fundraising efforts.  Mentors receive training when they enter the program, as well as biweekly group-supervision and support throughout the year.  Teen mentors and their younger apprentices meet individually at least once a week from November-June.  Mentor pairs also participate in whole-group monthly outings from October-June.  In the first five years of the program, nearly 100% of the matches have lasted at least throughout the school year!  When a match hasn’t continued it has been because a participant has moved to another town (and in some instances, the relationship continued in spite of a participant relocation or graduation).



The Mentor Group Does Many Activities Including...


    Rock Climbing

    Pizza Parties




    Community Service Projects